New ship for diving park in Alvor

The frigate Hermenegildo Capelo, the third of four ships of the Portuguese Navy comprising the underwater park for scuba diving in the Algarve, was sunk on Saturday off Portimao, an operation that took place "as had been planned."

ocean-revival-diving-park-alvor.jpg"The Navy divers made the first inspection and confirmed that the ship fell for the bottom, and gave the ok for the dives that begin," said Luís Sá Couto, the promoter of the Ocean Revival Project.

According to the nautical businessman, "the operation had been sinking took place as planned, leaving the ship stabilized at about 30 meters' off the beach of Alvor, Portimão.

The frigate Hermenegildo Capelo, joined like the corvette "Oliveira e Carmo" and the patrol vessel 'Zambezi', both sunk in late 2012, to join the underwater park for scuba diving in Algarve.

The three vessels for about 40 years served the Portuguese Navy are "buried" at sea three miles southwest of Portimão (one nautical mile is equal to 1852 meters) and about 1.5 miles from the beach of Alvor, Portimão, the underwater park, whose investment is estimated at about three million.

The sinking of Hermenegild Capelo began shortly after 13:00, by controlled explosions which caused leaks at various hull causing it to collapse about two minutes.

The placing of explosives and blasting were conducted by trained Canadians and coordinated by the Portuguese Navy, who then proceeded to the first technical inspection to check the stability of the ship.

According to the project developer Ocean Revival, Luís Sá Couto, "all sinkings took place as had been anticipated getting ships and rights based on a bottom of sand on the Algarve coast."

The three ships were sunk after they have been removed materials with contaminants and substances considered harmful to the environment, particularly oil and asbestos, leaving only the hull and materials that pose no danger of contamination of the marine environment.

The ships are submerged to 30 feet deep, resting on a sandbank at 5.5 kilometers off Alvor, getting the highest part of the ship about 15 feet from the surface, not to cause hindrance to the waterway.

The Ocean Revival project is estimated at three million euros, of which 2.4 million for the work of decontamination of ships, money that has been products made by the company with private groups and through donations of professional divers.

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