Formula 1 in the Algarve?

Recent reports have suggested that the FIA, happy with the Portimão race track and how it tested two years ago, could be bringing the cream of Formula One back to Portugal for testing next February.

According to a study published recent by the Diário de Notícias (DN), the return of Formula 1 testing to the Algarve Motorpark in Portimão would result in a minimum cash injection of ten million euros into the regional economy.

The track is currently on a short-list of FIA-approved circuits on which to conduct testing next year between February 15 and 18.

The ten million euros will be obtained by restaurants, hotels and other forms of accommodation, car hire and flights, with many more millions set to be generated through indirect income.

According to DN news reports, officials at the track initiated talks with the FIA in July to see a return of testing at the track, after successful testing at the track back in 2009 by a number of Formula 1 teams.

Back in January 2009, six teams, Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Toyota, Toro Rosso and Williams tested their cars at the circuit.

In the meantime, officials will have to await a decision by the Formula One Teams Association to see if the world’s best drivers will make a welcome return to Portugal.

source: the portugalnews.com


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