Windsurfing in Croatia

After its inception in the 1970s, windsurfing in Croatia has become an activity synonymous with its coastline. Enthusiasts from all around the world come to the European Country to take advantage of its varied seas, with winds that can range from very strong for experts to rather mild for beginners.

As a result of its popularity, there are now around a dozen windsurfing clubs in Croatia, making the sport easily accessible for visitors. Cheap holidays to Croatia with Jet2holidays.com also make it an all round great destination for the sport.

Ideal for All Abilities

Bol, located on the southern shore of the island Brac, is perhaps Croatia’s best known windsurfing location. During the summer, its winds are quite strong after noon, making it suitable for only expert windsurfers.

Yet before noon, the winds are far more mild and ideal for beginners to the sport, making it a great destination for a varied amount of people. As well as having great windsurfing facilities, Bol also has a beautiful pebbled beach for you to relax on between outings.

On the island of Krk in south-east Croatia is Baska. Famed for its long, beautiful beach that stretches almost 2km, its waters are excellent for windsurfing, but only for the more experienced surfer. Strong winds are blown from Senj, which is known for having the strongest winds in the whole of Croatia, making the waters challenging but rewarding for visitors.

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