The Seafood Festival back in Olhão

The Seafood Festival in Olhão back soon and with some news. The event was presented to journalists in last Friday by Mayor of Olhão, Francisco Leal, and the president of Fesnima, Vítor Lopes, a municipal company that organizes the event.

Algarve Car Hire in OlhãoThe 27th edition of the Seafood Festival, which starts August 8th and runs until the 12th, in the Jardim Pescador Olhanense in this city, has this year less one day, but the organization expects the number of visitors - about 60 mil - remains, namely that people who visited the festival in six days this year to do so in five. One of the reasons for this reduction in one-day festival is connected with the expectation that, due to the crisis, people who visited in previous years the festival two or three times should do it only once or twice this year. This was also a way to save costs to the organization.

With the most affordable prices (eight euros for adults and three children) than in previous years it is expected that more visitors mark presence, as happened last year, said at the press conference of presentation of the Festival the Mayor Hall of Olhão, Francisco Leal.

The mayor stressed that the quality of seafood and shellfish is assured, as always, by the way, thanks to the constant supervision of the veterinarian and the responsibility of local seafood merchants. "In 26 years never happened a food problem," he said, announcing that this year there are more of a seafood stand in the grounds of the Festival, or the offer will be even greater.

"The Festival is our large sign on a national and international. Throughout these years has been a strong focus for the dissemination of the city and remain so, "said Francisco Leal. As such, the crisis will not lead to death of this event ensures the mayor. "The Seafood Festival is not mortally wounded and never will be." So Francisco Leal said the question of a journalist, referring to the current crisis, adding: "With more or less difficulty, City Hall of Olhão will always be the Seafood Festival. We can never let it end this accomplishment, "he argued.

With a budget of 470,000 euros - 20% less than in the previous year due to budget constraints - the quality is assured, said the president of Fesnima, Vítor Lopes, who also announced the guest artists for this edition: Tony, GNR , Tribute to the Beatles, Rui Veloso and Banda Calypso. The Seafood Festival in Olhão promises great entertainment for five days, making a perfect symbiosis between music and various seafood.

source: algarve24.com

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