Algarve hosts congress on health tourism

The first international congress on health and tourism in the Algarve is being held until this Saturday (10 November) in Faro and has brought together specialists from all over the world to discuss this growing trend.

Algarve Car Hire and Health CongressThe event’s primary objective will be to promote the Algarve as a destination of excellence in the field of health and welfare.

“This initiative will reinforce the work already carried out in this area and will be the beginning of a new phase for the region, where health and wellness tourism will very soon assume importance as a destination product”, the event’s organising committee explained in a statement.

The conference will take place at the Algarve University’s Medical School and will cover a wide range of topics directed toward the link between health and tourism.

Among the speakers are international names such as: Renée-Marie Stephano (Chairman of the Medical Tourism Association), Felix Adatto of Godoi, Patricia Hernandez Ruiz, Zohra Mhamdi and Uwe Klein.

João Bacalhau, Chairman of the Administrative Board of the HPA Group, will be addressing the conference, as well as Constantine Sáclarides, João Viegas Fernandes, Teófilo Leite (Chairman of the European Association of Private Hospitals and of the Portuguese Hospitalisation Association) Paul Maló, Chitra Stern, among others.

The event has received major backing from national groups such as the HPA Group, which has several private hospitals across the region.

“We could not help but to join an initiative which is aimed at encouraging and promoting this strategic area of Tourism in the Algarve Region”, the HPA Group said.

According to the Chairman of the Organising Committee João Viegas Fernandes, not only national participants are expected but also participants from several foreign countries, including some numerous delegations as in the case of Nigeria with about thirty members.

Participants have already been confirmed from the following countries: Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Spain, USA, Philippines, Ghana, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mexico, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe and Uganda.

source: theportugalnews.com

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