New Year is a good time to plan the next holidays

The New Year is here, and, like every year, it is time for making wishes and plans for the next 12 months.

Taking this opportunity to wish you a great year 2013 to all customers who have been with us in recent years, do not want to pass up the opportunity to remind everyone about the importance of making your reservations for your car rental in the Algarve or Portugal advance.

Happy Car Hire customer booking car hire aheadProbably you are already planning your next holiday in Portugal or Algarve. You know it's important to book your flight and your hotel in advance because the high season is much sought after and is in danger of failing to place your reservations if you leave it for too late.

If you plan to hire a car to move freely during your holidays you should treat your car rental reservation the same way and with the same anticipation as you do with flight or accommodation.
The rental cars are insufficient for all orders especially in peak seasons, such as hotels or airplane flights. So if you want to ensure you have your Portugal car Hire available when you arrive in Portugal, make your reservation in advance. Taking this attitude will have two important guarantees: your rental car will be waiting when you arrive and get a cheaper rental cost.

Last year many customers who left their Algarve car hire reservations for too late managed to get their rental cars at a much higher price. Market rules are: when the demand for rental cars is greater than supply prices rise.
But these were the lucky ones! Because many other customers who wait at the last minute to rent cars in the Algarve or Portugal mainland simply could not have one because there were no cars available.

So if you are planning to rent a car for your next holiday in Portugal, and mainly if your holiday coincides with peak periods, such as Easter or Summer, make your reservation now to guarantee a low price and availability.
So ensure deserved holiday rest and stress free.

We wish you a good year of 2013 and a great holiday in Portugal!

Don´t let it for too late. Book your Algarve Car Hire or Portugal Car Hire in advance.



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