Lagoa, Algarve celebrates 240 years

The City Council of lagoa will celebrate along 2013, 240 years after the creation of Lagoa, historical event occurred January 16, 1773.

Lagoa Car Hire AlgarveFor this purpose, will develop various cultural events that highlight the life and work of one region and some of its most prominent citizens, including the General Rocha Vieira, former Governor of Macau and the most important figure in the life of our country and Lagoa. Between February and December at the Exhibition Hall Painter Manuel Gamboa, in the Convent of St. Joseph will also be an exhibition and photographic documentary under the title 'Lagoa 240 years of history. "

The festive program took off on January 16 with the screening of the film "Lagoa Concelho", from prof. José Hermano Saraiva; delivery of the book "História do Concelho de Lagoa" of Rossel Monteiro Santos; delivery flag graphic symbol of the celebrations, and the presentation of the Regulation School Competition" 240 years of Lagoa. " On day 19, the Municipal Auditorium Pond receives the show 'Music and Lyrics' music of yesterday, today and forever, Rita Guerra, Tó Cruz, and Paul Ramos. The January 25, also at the Municipal Auditorium, will be the turn of 13. º Music Festival Al-Mutamid with Nadia Baroud, Achit Salah Abdel Louzare, F. Depiaggi and Amaj. New concert of the festival will take place on Feb. 16, in the Chapel of the Convent of S. Joseph, with Masmudi Kebir Ensemble.

The celebrations continue in April with the opening of the exhibition in honor of General Vasco Rocha Vieira. In May, it will be presented to the public the book 'Lagoon 240 years of history, "John Vasco Reis, author of several historical works / documentary on Lagoa and other parts of the Algarve. The exhibition of the work of the school competition "240 years of Lagoa" and another edition of Citizenship, the Child and the Book will be other highlights of May.

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