Rally of Portugal again from Vilamoura

The 2013 edition of the Vodafone Rally de Portugal - to be held between 11 and 14 April - is ready to go on the road. The competition kicks off the Marina of Vilamoura, in a course where the big news is the new special of 52.3 km in Almodovar, who will also serve as the venue for the 'Power Stage'.

Portugal Car Hire Vimaoura Rally of PortugalAs in 2012, this year's edition, which takes place between 11 and 14 April, will be the fourth round of the World Rally Championship - WRC after Monte Carlo, Sweden and Mexico, and will count for nothing less than 11 World Championships FIA, FIA WRC2 Cup and Championship Rally de Portugal.

Departure from Vilamoura

With acknowledgments to take place on 9 and 10 April, the Qualifying Stage (April 11) holds the Valley Jewish scenario for the decision of the starting order, which will be chosen by faster at a ceremony in the park assistance by 13.00h.

That same day and for the first time since returning to the World Championship, the Rally of Portugal will have a symbolic starting in the magnificent setting of Vilamoura Marina, so reissuing the excellent experience of the editions of 2005 and 2006, then at the application stage to the WRC .

1st and 2nd sections: From the Algarve to Lisbon

A competitive opening of the event, April 12, includes the first two sections of the test, with five special stages: Mu (20.32 km), it is a variant of the standings Blessed with a different ending. Already Ourique (18.32 km) using roads that were previously included in other sections, particularly in the standings Santa Clara, both being walked on a double pass before connecting to Lisbon.

The Super Special Lisbon, to be held once again at Empire Square, with the backdrop of the Jeronimos Monastery and the Belém Cultural Centre, will benefit from a new schedule designed to allow an even broader presence of the spectators area capital. The departure of the first competitors (in reverse order) will take place at 18:15 and is preceded by recognition of stroke by the pilots, made in his own race cars, and a test to classic sports. 18h00 is scheduled for an autograph session with the main drivers in proof.

3rd and 4th sections: a new combination

The competitive second day (Saturday, April 13) is also the longest in terms of mileage rankings, with no less than 158.54 kilometers, and includes a new combination of timed sections.

So, the day begins with 31.12 km of Santana da Serra, without any alteration from the last edition, a situation that extends the proof of Vascão with its blameless 25.37 km. Already Loulé, now with 22.78 km, is played in the opposite direction to the last editions, starting with the EN2, Horse, and end near the village of California, all with double passage.

5th and 6th sections: a demanding Power Stage

The last day of the event - Sunday, April 14 - promises thrills: unchanged after the 21.52 km from Silves, comes perhaps the biggest news of proof, the new stretch of Almodovar, which, with its 52.30 km passes to be one of the longest land classifications of European competition count towards the World Rally Championship.

Bringing together the essential sections of Ourique and Almodovar, beginning and ending in Rio Torto Sources fierce in this league will close the Rally of Portugal 2013, covering even the attractiveness of being the 'Power Stage' of proof, where the three highest rated collect extra points for the championship.

In total, the route covers 1630.92 kilometers with 15 classification tests, totaling 386.73 km, which represents 23.71% of the absolute distance.


April 11:
Qualifying Stage-Valley Jewish; 4.98 km - 10:40

April 12:
SS1 - MU1 - 20.32 km; First car boot: 9h18m
SS2-Ourique1 - 18.32 km; First car boot: 10h22m
SS3 - MU2 - 20.32 km; First car boot: 11h48m
SS4-Ourique2 - 18.32 km; First car boot: 12h55m
SS5 - Lisbon - 3.27 km; First car boot: 18h15m

April 13:
SS6 - Santana's Serra1 - 31.12 km; First car boot: 10h09m
SS7-Vascão1 - 25.37 km; First car boot: 12h11m
SS8 - Loulé1 - 22.78 km; First car boot: 12h14m
SS9-Santana's Serra2 - 31.12 km; First car boot: 15h09m
SS10-Vascão2 - 25.37 km; First car boot: 16h36m
SS11 - Loulé2 - 22.78 km; First car boot: 17h14m

April 14:
SS12 - Silves1 - 21.52 km; First car boot: 08h06m
SS13 - Almodovar1 - 52.30 km; First car boot: 09h06m
SS14 - Silves2 - 21.52 km; First car boot: 12h31m
SS15-Almodovar2 (Power Stage) - 52.30 km; First car boot: 13h38m

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