Algarve Pass to retain tourists in the region

The 'Algarve Pass' is a loyalty card that tourists who will spend the holidays have power and that will give them access to experiences, services and products in the region.

Algarve Pass Card for tourists in AlgarveThe initiative is the Algarve Tourism, in partnership with the Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region (ACRAL) and Processcard company.

The card will be on sale later this year, probably after the summer, and will provide access to a wide range of products and services in the region with special discounts.
In a single card, visitors can enjoy tours of the Algarve region, including tourism offer reasonable prices, while having access to health or safety and a 'call center', available 24 hours a day to support emergencies.

Visitors can enjoy tours, access to health or safety and a 'call center', available 24 hours a day for support in emergency situations.

Visitors will be able to purchase the card at tourist offices throughout the Algarve and at other authorised sales outlets. The website www.algarve-pass.com is currently inviting those interested to subscribe free for more information.

The information of the tourist experience in the region will be stored, including points accumulated during the use of the card at the end of the visit can be exchanged for local products.

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