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Holidays in Croatia

Over the past years more and more people are being attracted to spend their holidays in Croatia. The Dalmatia Coast is emerging as one of the leading holiday destinations for many couples, families and friends. But where has this popularity come from?

Celebrity Endorsement

This hasn’t come about through cheesy promotional videos, the kind used by our friends across the Atlantic, instead it is through the many stories of famous faces sunning themselves on one of the many beautiful beaches that bless this strip of coastline.

The natural beauty of the Dalmatia Coast, mixed with a strong sense of history and heritage, is appealing to a broad section of celebrities.

Rumours abound that the soon to be married royal couple of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be enjoying part of their honeymoon there.
A Natural Beauty

This natural beauty that attracts celebrities is possibly one of the main things that appeals to other people when they decide to book a cheap holiday to Croatia.

Away from the popular areas like Dubrovnik and Split, there are many little towns and villages offering uninterrupted views of natural beauty and soft sand beaches.
A Sense of Variety

There are many islands to discover and explore that are just a short boat trip from the mainland. This allows holidaymakers a chance to see more than just the area they are booked to stay in. It also makes adventures along the coast on extended holidays in Croatia considerably easier.

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