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Spain reinstates maximum speed limit

The Spanish government has announced it will be raising its maximum speed limit back up to 120 kilometres per hour after it brought speeds down to 110 kilometres per hour in February this year in an attempt to afford savings on the soaring crude oil prices.

Car Hire in Spain and speed limit in higwaysAs crude prices have fallen, the decision has been made that it is no longer justifiable to keep the speed limit at 110 km/hour. Speeds will return to 120 km/hour from 1 July.

Speaking to journalists following a Parliamentary meeting earlier this week, Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, told journalists there was no need to keep the speed limit lowered.

The minister recalled that, at the time more hikes in crude prices – which at one point soared from US$115 to US$127 per barrel – were anticipated, but this never materialised and prices are in fact presently lower.

“Today the price of a barrel is 106 dollars and future previsions are that prices will continue to fall. Therefore, in these circumstances, this measure no longer makes sense. We will return to 120 kilometres per hour”, he affirmed.

The transitional cost-cutting measure, which will remain in place until 30 June, is described by the deputy PM as “an effort to save energy and especially petrol.”

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